House Slut 31 – Halloween pt1

For a while she was aware of little but the pleasure building inside her, the steady rhythm of the man in her mouth, the distant grunting and wet noises as presumably this scene played out around the room. Then she became aware of a warm, almost tingling sensation and her mind drifted as she became incredibly relaxed. She began to feel almost like she was sleepwalking or in a deep fog, while also being fully aware of the goings on around her, the tingles in her body shooting directly to her crotch like a lightning rod being the only thing keeping her grounded.

The man in her mouth buried himself as deep as he could, his balls tightening, the swollen tip tickling the back of her throat, and she came at the same time he did, her thighs shaking and legs flexing as she reflexively swallowed the load shooting into her mouth. She continued to suck at the twitching rod, eliciting another groan from the man and a second smaller squirt of cream, then he stepped back pulling from her mouth. She gasped for air, her breaths coming as moans as the man continued to go down on her, his fingers curled up into her g-spot. She was normally too sensitive to put up with continued touch following an orgasm but this was different: not only did she have no say in the matter unless she wanted to utter the safeword and end her night early, but her quivering body hungered for more even while she was in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

Another orgasmic shockwave rolled through her as a second man stepped up to her panting mouth and started to use it. He was a little longer than the first man but with her head titled back it didn’t matter. He cradled her head maintaining a straight tunnel from her lips to her throat and eased himself in all the way, Tegan’s well-suppressed gag reflex having no issue. She squirmed as the man going down on her inserted a third finger into her slick hole, feeling the slight stretch as her clenching muscles accommodated it, but it was a simple adjustment. Three fingers was tame compared to some of the punishment her hole had been subjected to lately. She felt like she was teetering on the edge of another orgasm as the Speaker’s voice cut through the music again.


“In the Fourth circle, those who succumbed to the sin of Greed are crushed beneath relentless weights.”

Tegan let out a disappointed moan as the fingers withdrew from her and the mouth stopped working her aching clit, but almost immediately she felt something else enter her – a penis, most likely. The shaft that sank into her was a good size and she let out a muffled sigh of pleasure as she felt it fill her slick hole completely. The man in her mouth had stopped moving and was simply holding himself in her mouth. She tried to move her head, assuming that perhaps he was leaving it to her to do some of the work but he clamps his hand down over her throat, pinning her against the table so she could not move. He wasn’t choking her but his hand on her neck was enough to assert control as she was forced to simply lie there and take it as the man between her legs began to move, slowly easing in and out at first before building to a steady rhythm. He seemed to be in no hurry and was taking his time enjoying the warm slickness of her tight hole. The other men, at least three sets of hands continued to roam over her naked torso, occasionally wandering fingers would tug roughly on her nipples, creating pangs of a pleasurable pain that made her nether regions ache with the need for release. She silently begged for the man to fuck her properly, fuck her hard, but he was maintaining a steady rhythm. Just when Tegan felt that surely he would be nearing his finish he stepped back leaving her glistening slit vacant for the briefest of moments before he was replaced. A fresh cock entered her and began pumping immediately, her body well prepared and needy. She urged her hips upwards trying to meet his thrusts but the hand on her throat, almost warningly, pressed down a little harder which discouraged her. She was feeling lightheaded and lost, her insides somewhere between her hips felt insistent, almost like an itch that couldn’t be scratched, and she wondered if this was the effect of the pill, making her need to be fucked no matter what, so she would be more susceptible to the trials ahead.

Every time it seemed like the man inside her was about to cum he stepped away and another man was hot-swapped in. At some point the man in her mouth removed himself and switched places to use her pussy for a while, leaving her mouth free to let out passionate cries of need, always on the verge of but never quite reaching another orgasm – by that same token it seemed the men, apart from the first one to use her mouth, were refraining from finishing as far as she could tell as well. While she commended their restraint, she wanted to feel their cum on or in her almost as badly as she wanted release for herself. Her pussy ached but the men continued to slide in and out and she could feel her juices trickling down her thighs – she must be the wettest she’d ever been. As another man hot-swapped in to use her dripping hole she tried to lock her ankles behind him to draw him in close but two other men pulled her legs apart and pushed them back, spreading her wide as he pushed his cock up inside her. This man was considerably thicker that the rest had been – she’d lost count but figured this had to be the last one in her group – and she let out a surprised gasp as he burrowed into her core.

“Please.” She urged. “Fuck me. Cum in me.”

“Greedy whore.” The man retorted with a growl as he wrapped his large, strong hand around her throat. “We decide when you have earned your reward.”

He began to move, his fat cock pushing in and out of her, a gentle squishing sound emanating as her vaginal walls clenched in response to his words, her legs trembling. She was sure that she would finally come but the man seemed to sense exactly where her edge was and keep her balanced them, moving agonisingly slowly.

“Please.” She repeated, her voice fillwed with desperation. She had never needed anything so badly. Surely he must need this as much as her – she surmised that orgasm denial was the whole point of the ritual but the fact that the men were refraining as well only made her need more urgent. After while the man moved on and he was replaced by another. She supposed it was time for a second rotation – she was so close to her edge that she felt like she would surely burst at any moment but knowing this the men barely moved, simply taking turns warming their cocks inside her while they played with her nipples, and she started to lose track of time, lulled into a trance.


“In the Fifth Circle” the Speaker’s voice cut in again. How long had she been lying on that table getting fucked? She couldn’t know. The speaker continued: “are the sinners of Wrath – who endlessly torment each other with violence.”

Tegan was abruptly hauled up ooff the table and pushed back against something. As her wrists were unbound, a man on each limb pulled her into an X shape and she felt manacles being clicked into place at her wrists and ankles. She realised she must be on some kind of medieval style rack. Her chest rising and falling with fast, deep breaths she looked blearily around the room as the tables were moved out of the way. Her rack was turned towards the centre of the room and she realised that she and the five other woman, all in the same predicament, were in a rough circle facing each other. She could not easily see the women to her left and right but the three women opposite were in the same situation. Naked and bound to X-shaped racks, seemingly breathless, their skin shiny with sweat. All three of them were entirely shaved and she could see juices glistening on their inflamed pussy lips.

As she watched her view was blocked by a man approaching her with a gag. It appeared to be a simple leather bit that she could bite down on but would not be locked in place, presumably to enable her to use the party safeword if she wanted to back out. The thought had so far not occurred to her and she trembled at the thought of what now lay ahead. The man held the gag up to her mouth and waited, and she opened her mouth to accept it and bit down carefully, holding it with her teeth. As she accepted the bit, another man approached and tugged on her nipples, somewhat roughly, seeming to ensure they would be at full hardness and she felt them pinched by an object – nipple clamps was the obvious conclusion. She let out a muffled grunt as they pinched the sensitive nubs and she felt her legs quiver and her clit throb.

Another man stepped up to her, this seemed to be the slightly chubby one who had previously cum in her mouth, holding a riding crop. She stiffened in anticipation as he flexed the crop in his hands and slapped it against his palm with a fleshy crack then started running the tip over her body. He traced a lazy line across her chest, tapping her lightly on the nipple clamps which elicited another grunt from her, then he continued tracing it down her belly towards her crotch. He skirted around her pubis and rubbed the crop against her inner thighs. Then suddenly he flicked his wrist and slapped the crop against her thigh making her cry out. It was more out of surprise than pain though the crop did create a definitely sting. He smiled knowingly – she did not detect any cruelty in it, which gave her some comfort. She felt the crop slowly run up her thigh and he nestled it against her slit, rubbing it back and forth with the polished leather rubbing against her aching clit. Then he ran the crop down the other thigh before slapping it again. Tegan cried out again but to her surprise there was an edge of passion to it. She felt her pussy clench, a rising need. It had been some time since her first and only orgasm of the evening under the skilful tongue of a stranger and all she wanted was to be filled again.

The man with the crop repeated his process, running the stick up her thigh to rest between her lips again, pressing it against her clit. Then he pulled it away and smacked it against her pussy. She whimpered as the blow landed just to the side of her crotch in the crease of her left thigh. Then he struck again and she felt the crop smack against her shaved slit, causing her to momentarily tense up then sag in her restraints. She was already aching and part of her was inclined to put an end to this so she could just go home and let Sam fuck her brains out – but a much larger part of her wanted to see this through. She knew that eventually there had to be a payoff, and her body was on fire with a need to continue. She raised her head and her eyes scanned the room looking for Sam. It was hard to find him in the crowd of naked men standing around but she found him attending to one of the women across from her, a busty blonde woman. He was idly playing with what looked like a cat-o-nine-tails, apparently waiting for his turn to partake in her degrading punishment.

She was snapped back to her own predicament as another blow from the crop stuck against her tender labia. The man was hitting her hard, just enough to sting, but it still sent ripples through her sensitive body. Her clamped nipples ached and she could feel them pulsing with her heartbeat. She had never felt more exposed and vulnerable – because she never had been. In her mind she knew she had a choice but at the same time she felt like she was helpless, a prisoner of her own lust. The crop struck her thigh again, then the man teasingly ran the tip along the underside of her small tits, giving each nipple clamp a playful tap before stepping away. She watched him go then her attention was captured by another man stepping up before her. He was holding his own cat-o-nine-tails and she felt a plaintive moan escape from her as she both anticipated and dreaded him using it on her.

The man did not waste any time. He drew his arm across and the tails of the cat lashed across her belly. He didn’t seem to be striking hard but the tails nonetheless stung as they crossed her skin. She tightened her stomach muscles and moaned into the bit, involuntarily struggling against the manacles holding her arms akimbo. She took a few deep breaths and tried to ready herself as he drew his arm again, a second backhand slash and this time the tails crossed her chest, stinging her small tits and catching against the clamps. Jolts of pain shot through her nipples and made her weak at the knees momentarily. When she didn’t appear to be protesting the man swung his arm again in a lazy forehand movement that lashed her across the left side of her ribs. She flinched away from the blow, another muffled cry escaping her. Then he backhanded again, this time catching her across the right side of her ribs. She could feel her body shaking as adrenaline surged through her body, the lust and narcotic induced fog seeming to clear from her brain. The man swung again and the tails lashed her lower belly and the top of her pubic mound and she arched her back, and she bit down hard on the leather as her legs shook and she realised, against all expectation, that she was coming. She struggled to support her weight on her legs as her thighs tensed and quaked, her pussy convulsing and clenching, her nipples and clit throbbing as a wave of ecstasy surged through her. She balled her hands into fists as she rode out the waves of pleasure and then went limp in her restraints, her mind reeling with the overwhelming surge of sensation coursing through her and the realisation that she had come from pain. She felt broken somehow, like her entire worldview was distorted. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed hard.

For now, it seemed like they were done torturing her, if that had ever been their intent. She could sense the men standing around her but it seemed that their mission had been accomplished. Had that been the point? To confuse her senses until her body sought release wherever it could be found? She could feel a cool wet sensation on her thigh and wondered if she had wet herself, or if she was simply dripping with need. Around the room she could hear the other women’s muffled moans and cries following each smack of some implement striking their bare skin. To her left she heard the urgent cry of “virgil” as one of her cohort, a slightly chubby brunette, reached her limit and tapped out. Was she the first? She couldn’t tell for sure. There was some commotion as she was released from her rack and escorted from the room with her partner who left his group to her left and made gentle soothing noises, assuring her that all was well, and she was appreciated. The rest of the men redistributed themselves among the other sacrifices, incrementing each group by one. Tegan raised her head to regard the now six men clustered around her, a defiant gleam in her eye.
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